Dive into fun games infused with cultural elements, where kids can learn and play together. Join us for an enriching day of adventure, discovery, and laughter!

Ancient China Time Travel:
Want to have an unforgettable experience of time traveling to ancient China? Here we go. First, you will immerse yourself in the “Four Arts of the Chinese Scholars,” a set of disciplines that have been at the heart of Chinese intellectual culture. Listen to the 琴 (the Chinese zither), play the 棋 (the strategy game Go), write a bookmark with 书 (Chinese calligraphy), and enjoy the 画 (Chinese traditional painting), each interactions representing more than just leisurely pursuits but also aesthetic appreciation. Beyond these scholarly arts, you will taste the ceremonial and contemplative roles of 茶 (Tea) in social and philosophical interactions. Last but not least, you can try on a collection of traditional ethnic costumes and capture a memorable moment at our ancient photograph backdrop with all these cultural elements.

Asian Craft Making
Choose from making a cuddly panda puppet, folding a heart origami, or doing a paper cutting for Chinese character! Each craft offers a unique glimpse into the rich cultural heritage of Asia. Join us for tons of fun!!

Asian Games and Sports
We’ll host ancient Asian games including pitch-pot, hoop rolling, shuttlecock kicking, tug of war, etc. These games are fun and suitable for all ages. Join us at the games booth, play games, and win free prizes!

Taichi Kungfu Fan 宏徳武馆 
Come join us to practice fans with Chinese Kungfu movements and Taichi. We will prepare the Fans for you, it’s super fun, any ages are welcome to join us.

Atheneum Martial Arts
Come try out the thrill of learning Martial Arts here at the Twin Cities Asian Fair! Learn the basic stances, strike pads with our coaches, or even try your luck against a martial artist! Our family friendly studio is proud to offer authentic and effective Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiujitsu classes to students of all ages. 

Experience being a FRC Robot! 
We will have this year’s FRC challenge, frisbee throwing (but for humans), as our activity. All will be welcomed to come visit, throw a frisbee, and win prizes! These activities will be suitable for all ages, but especially exciting for the youths. At our booth, you will also be greeted by robots from FTC and FRC!

Treasure Hunt

Passport Challenge